DIY Surveys - Part 2, Deployment


So now you've thought through your objectives, written & tested your questions. This week it's time to get them out to the pupils, parents, staff or governors who you will be asking to complete the surveys.

As we're considering paper surveys, you now need to print your surveys. (We will discuss online surveys separately in the future).
Depending on the number of people to be surveyed and the facilities available, you may be able to print your questionnaires in-house or you may have to send them out to a copy shop. Particularly if you wish to print on A3 and/or in colour - get a few quotes as prices can vary a lot. You may find that for quantities of less than 1,000 it is not cost effective to print in colour.

Now you need to distribute your surveys.

For pupils we would recommend dividing them up and distributing them to form tutors/classes for completion in semi-exam like conditions. Brief staff on the reasons for the survey so that they can brief pupils.

For parents, we recommend sending them home with the pupil. The covering letter is very important to ensure a good response rate and we provide suggestions on information to include such as the reasons behind the survey, what the results will be used for and how they will be shared etc. Don't allow too long a period for their return or they'll be many a contented dog!

For staff & governors, confidentiality is likely to be an issue and if the process does not address this, it may impact the results. For example, we provide envelopes for staff which are returned to a central point within the school and returned, sealed, to our processing centre. If you are processing results internally, staff will almost certainly wish to be re-assured about confidentiality.

By the end of the deployment process, you should have converted a pristine stack of questionnaires into a slightly tired looking pile of paper!

In Part 3 we'll look at capturing all those ticks in a structured data format.

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