Ofsted Consultation Feedback - Maintained School Inspections

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Ofsted have published their findings from the 'formal' consultation to the proposed changes for maintained school inspections from September 2009. The consultation incorporated an online survey and the evaluation report focuses mostly on the results from this.

There are 15 questions - just over 1,600 people responded and the results make interesting reading, but let's home in those questions which relate to the views of stakeholders. 42% of responses were from Heads.

Question 5

Do you agree that we should put in place a national survey which captures the views of children and young people?

Well, half were in favour (although we don't have the breakdown by group e.g. head, parent, pupil).
Ofsted have decided to partner with the DCSF to investigate school level and national 'perception surveys' based on existing school-level surveys. They will be talking to existing survey providers like School Survey Experts.

Question 6

Do you agree that we should put in place a survey which captures the views of school staff?

71% of respondents agreed (80% of teachers & school staff), although issues of confidentiality were raised. Our experience shows that staff are extremely sensitive about confidentiality and this is something we address carefully. Ofsted propose to continue their pilot of the use of staff surveys in inspections.

Question 7

Do you agree that a national survey of parents should take place annually?

Overall split between those for & against, but with 53% of heads against. The issue really is with the word 'national'. Is it really possible to compare the views of parents from your school with those nationally?
Since Ofsted/DCSF have already decided to consult on the views of pupils & parents nationally, the proposal is to continue as per Q5 .

More news soon.

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