Ofsted Pre-Inspection Parental Questionnaire


Update: New Parental Questionnaires

As part of an Ofsted inspection, parents will be asked a small number of questions about the school. This information will be compared against the schools' own Self Evaluation of parents views and also be used in its' own right to help form an opinion of the school.

Seven questions are asked:

  1. My child enjoys school
  2. My child is making good progress because the teaching is good at school
  3. I feel that my child is safe and well cared for at school
  4. Behaviour in school is good
  5. The school is well led and managed
  6. The school takes account of children’s views
  7. The school asks for my views and takes account of suggestions and concerns

The actual questionnaire and covering letter can be viewed here.

Of course, we have ensured that our Parent Questionnaires cover these topics so you shouldn't have any nasty surprises when parents reply to Ofsted!

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