No notice Ofsted Inspections are here


Well they are if you're unlucky enough to be chosen as part of the pilot scheme!

According to an article in this weeks TES, Inspectors visited their first school under the pilot - St Andrew’s C of E Primary in Nesscliffe, Shropshire, arriving at 8.30am in the middle of a snowstorm last month.

Having no notice will of course mean no time to do anything at all at the last minute. The schools' SEF will need to be up to date and within it, the views parents. So make sure they tell you their thoughts about the school before they tell Ofsted!

In St Andrew's case, Ofsted managed to get questionnaires from 34 parents which is almost a 50% return rate. Pretty good given that they were asked to complete them overnight.

It went well for St Andrew's though and they were judged Good with Oustanding Features. You can read their report here.

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