Ofsted Survey Proposal Consultation with Existing Survey Providers

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I recently met with Ipsos MORI to discuss Ofsted’s proposals for school level surveys of parents and pupils. As an existing survey provider, they are keen to seek advice as to how feasible a national survey of pupils and parents might be.

The background to this is rooted in the Children's Plan, which refers to the development of school-level indicators of pupil well-being, and their use during Ofsted’s inspections of schools from September 2009.

Last year, Ofsted published a consultation document, Focus on Improvement, which proposed that regular national surveys be conducted of the views of pupils and parents from September 2009. (See previous post)

Stay with me, this is where it gets interesting.

Ofsted think that one of the best ways to collect this data might be to ask independent survey providers to ask certain questions and share the data with Ofsted. In return, these survey providers would receiver accreditation and schools would be encouraged to use an accredited survey provider.
Ipsos MORI have been commissioned by Ofsted to investigate the practicalities of all this.

What do you think of this idea?

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