New child wellbeing league table: UK in 24th place out of 29 European countries

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Researchers at the University of York have just published a European league table of child wellbeing in the Journal of Child Indicators Research.
The Child Poverty Action Group published a briefing on the findings and re-produced the league table.

The research ranks each country into the following areas based on a variety of indicators:

  • Health - UK 24th, Sweden 1st
  • Subjective wellbeing - UK 21st, Netherlands 1st
  • Relationships - UK 15th, Netherlands 1st
  • Material resources - UK 24th, Iceleand 1st
  • Behaviour and risk - UK 18th, Sweden 1st
  • Education - UK 22nd, Belgium 1st
  • Housing and environment - UK 17th, Norway 1st
The BBC have reproduced the detailed ranking table.

It's interesting to review the table in detail and ponder what higher ranked countries are doing differently to the UK.
Whilst this survey looks at holistic child wellbeing, there is some cross over with our own school centric wellbeing questions. For example enjoyment of school, healthy eating, physical activity, bullying and the friendliness of other children.

I think it would be interesting to look at how the UK ranks at the detail level across these indicators and match them back to our own findings.

Watch this space!

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