Ofsted pupil, parent and staff surveys - Autumn Pilot Review

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New inspection arrangements will be in place from September 2009 and on 17th April, Ofsted published a review of their pilot which took place last Autumn.

A big difference from the existing Section 5 arrangements is the trialling of pupil and staff questionnaires in addition to parental questionnaires.

Schools in the trial reported them to be useful, particularly the ability to triangulate views. However many schools reported that they "believe that their own surveys often provide greater detail". This is not so surprising given the brevity of the Ofsted surveys (see post on Pre-Inspection questionnaires) compared to the detail which a school can reasonably expect stakeholders to provide through surveys they organise themselves - say ~30 questions for pupils and parents and ~100 or so for staff.

It seems unlikely that Ofsted will offer lengthier surveys due to the "logistical issues to do with analysing large numbers of questionnaires, quickly."

Still, the resulting Action is to "Continue to trial the ‘new’ staff and pupil questionnaires in order to test out potential questions for use in future ECM and satisfaction surveys."

Given that during the initial consultation, 80% of teachers and school staff said they were in favour of Ofsted putting in place a staff survey, I think we shall be seeing a staff survey soon.

When we know more, we'll let you know.

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