Boys Needs Are Ignored?


An article in TES this week comments on the thoughts of Sue Palmer in her new book, 21st Century Boys. She thinks that boys are developmentally behind girls and behave inherently differently - leaving them less well prepared for the classroom than girls.

Well, we personally don't have any evidence from our surveys for this, but when we analyse a schools' results we always look in detail at how the results differ between girls & boys. There are a number of areas which crop up again and again where the views of boys and girls differ markedly. The most common relate to:

  • Friendliness of other pupils
  • Behaviour of other pupils
  • Lunchtime & after school activities
  • Homework
  • Availability of ICT
  • Fairness of adults
Any guesses as to which way each gender would go?

Well, you might be surprised. And whilst sometimes we think there's a pattern emerging, along come a few schools who seem to reverse the pattern.

Just goes to show - it's dangerous to stereotype!

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