New Ofsted Inspection Framework Published

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On schedule, Ofsted have today published the new inspection framework for maintained schools from September 2009.

We've been carefully watching the new framework develop over time along, with all the comments from schools regarding some of the more controversial ideas which were floated. However, things are now much clearer:

  • Schools to receive between zero & 2 days notice - most schools will not experience the so called "Dawn Raids"
  • Schools to be evaluated against 7 Pupil Outcomes, Provision and Leadership & Management
  • Pre-Inspection Questionnaires for parents
  • Pupil questionnaires completed during the inspection
  • Staff questionnaires - though these will be voluntary
  • Good or Outstanding schools to be inspected every 5 years unless there are 'concerns'
  • Satisfactory schools to be inspected every 3 years with up to 40% having no notice monitoring visits
The (new) SEF will be used to plan the inspection and "The quality of self-evaluation is a good indicator of the calibre of the school's leaders and managers".

Results from pupil & parent surveys will also be considered during the planning stage.

So as we know, Ofsted are very serious about taking more account of the views of pupils, parents and staff as part of an inspection. There were some concerns about staff surveys and Ofsted have decided that individuals can choose to opt out. (Hopefully anonymously!)

It's our view that every school should consider doing their own surveys - forewarned is forearmed!

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