Ofsted National Well-being Survey of Pupils & Parents

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We have just heard from Ipsos MORI today about Ofsted's decision regarding the consultation which we have been involved in and previously reported on in this blog.
Ofsted have decided not to assimilate the results from existing school surveys as previously proposed in order to collect the views of pupils and parents nationally due to concerns about their statistical validity.

Instead, they propose a national, centrally administered survey for parents and a similar exercise for pupils depending on the success of the pupil survey being implemented for inspections from September 2009.

So what does this mean for schools?

Well, a nationally adminstered survey certainly sounds attractive. No decisions to make and nothing to organise - it should all happen automatically. And at no cost to the school.

The flip side of this of course is that "one size fits all". You have no choice over the questions asked, you get "your" results second hand and, under the new inspection framework, your results could even trigger an interim Ofsted inspection.

In reality of course, no school will want to be in this position and will commission their own regular surveys of pupils and parents - be they internal or through an independent provider.

A missed opportunity? Maybe. But what is certain is that pupils, parents (and staff) had better prepare themselves for more and more 'opportunities' to share their views!

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