Details of the NEW Ofsted Inspection Questionnaire for School Staff

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This is completely new and "Completion of the questionnaire is entirely voluntary."

So says the second line of the new Inspection Questionnaire for Staff.

Well, here are the questions - as per usual, respondents will be asked whether they Strongly Agree, Agree etc.

  1. I am proud to be a member of staff at this school
  2. My contribution to the school is valued
  3. I know what we are trying to achieve as a school
  4. I am involved in what the school is trying to achieve
  5. I contribute to the school’s process of self-evaluation
  6. The school makes appropriate provision for my professional development
  7. The school is well led
  8. Governors do an effective job in this school
  9. The school runs smoothly on a daily basis
  10. Children are safe in this school
  11. Any unacceptable behaviour by pupils is consistently well managed
  12. The school successfully meets the differing needs of individual pupils
Staff will also be asked to state their role, so results can be compared between groups.

Completed questionnaires should be handed to the lead inspector before the end of the first day of inspection.

For most schools, there will be nothing particularly surprising in these questions, except perhaps Q5. Lock a Senior member of staff in a room once a year to complete your SEF in isolation and you might be in trouble!

Of course, asking staff 12 questions every few years is not ideal, particularly if you don't relish receiving a summary of their views from the Lead Inspector.

Our Staff Surveys cover all aspects of school life, running to around 100 questions. They provide a detailed analysis by role and will give you a clear picture of how staff view the school. They're specifically designed around the attributes of outstanding schools in order to help enable your school to excel. But crucially, they incorporate the Ofsted questions, enabling you to monitor and address these areas well in advance of any Inspection.

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