School Survey Experts launch Group Surveys

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The School Survey Experts are the first survey provider to allow schools to segment their pupil survey results by their significant groups.

As reported in a previous post, the new SEF asks schools to make certain judgements after considering the experiences of their significant groups, not just the experiences of pupils as a whole.

Our new pupil surveys, which are also fully updated to reflect the New Inspection Framework, now enable schools to view their results by different groups of pupils. In addition to gender and year group, schools can now analyse and compare the experiences of pupils who:

  • Receive free school meals
  • Speak English as an additional language
  • Are looked after
  • Have Special Educational Needs
  • Have been identified as Gifted & Talented
  • Come from different ethnic backgrounds

Schools can even define up to 2 additional Groups themselves.

So if a school has any particular groups of interest, they can easily be accommodated.

If you would like samples, please contact us.

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