Bar too high? Ofsted Inspection Results Autumn 09/10

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Ofsted have published judgements from the 2,140 inspections carried out last Autumn - the first inspections made under the New Inspection Framework.
There are some Excel spreadsheets which can be downloaded. Results are at phase, school & detailed judgement level and can be filtered by LA, GOR and some other fields. There are also a couple of spreadsheets that summarise judgements from prior years for comparison.

A quick analysis by ourselves shows how judgements have changed comparing Autumn results to the previous 4 years:

Outstanding -6%
Good -8%
Satisfactory +8%
Inadequate +5%

It's hard to compare things of this nature, and Ofsted do say that the schools inspected were skewed towards lower previous judgements, but nevertheless the new framework does certainly seem to be harsher.

NAHT General Secretary Mick Brookes said:

"The reality is that these results say more about Ofsted’s inspection processes than they do about school performance. An over-reliance on attainment data, limiting judgements, pre-determined outcomes and inconsistent inspection team quality have all become par for the course.’

ASCL General Secretary Dr John Dunford said:

“However, there is no doubt that inspections have become tougher, especially for schools in challenging circumstances. Ofsted said that it was raising the bar with the latest inspection framework and inspected schools confirm that it is now considerably higher.”

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