Outstanding Schools Inspection Exemption?


This weeks TES reports that thousands of 'Outstanding' schools may never face an inspection again.

Michael Gove, Education Secretary, said "Outstanding schools will be freed from inspection, (but) if there are certain indicators that flash 'danger' then it will be triggered and there is always the parental request for an inspection if there are problems as well."

John Dunford, Association of School of College Leaders general secretary, is quoted as predicting that many schools exempted from Ofsted inspections would choose to hire consultants to review their performance.

We tend to find that many of the schools we work with are already 'Outstanding' schools. A characteristic of high performing organisations (and individuals) is a constant desire to improve and a natural tendency towards self-evaluation. Another characteristic of high performing organisations is that they tend to be outward looking. So it wouldn't surprise me at all if outstanding schools looked to external consultants and indeed surveys to help them perpetuate their improvement.

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