Food in Schools - Ofsted Report

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Ofsted have recently published a report into the progress schools are making in encouraging healthy eating. The Food in Schools report is based on visits to 39 schools and as its' starting point looks at compliance with food based standards and then explores both success & limiting factors.
They found that 21 of the 39 schools were fully compliant with all food based standards, rising to 24 when school lunches were excluded.
Parental engagement was highlighted repeatedly, both in terms of parents knowing which foods children were not permitted to bring into school and the content of school lunches.

We know from our extensive database of parental responses, that when parents are asked "The school provides healthy food options" typically a third of parents disagree.
While typically 80-90% of parents are very positive that the school encourages their child to eat & drink healthily.

Interestingly the report recommends "easy ways of monitoring the food choices made by different groups and individuals".
Again, analysis of our database suggests that when pupils are asked "The school provides healthy food options", ethnic groups in some schools are often markedly more negative in their responses. This most often appears to be an issue for Asian, Black and Other White ethnic groups although results are highly variable.

If you'd like to know more about what pupils and parents think about food in your school, contact the School Survey Experts.

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