Parent Survey Reports - Getting the most from them


Okay, all your parents have completed the questionnaires and we've sent you back lots of pretty charts. Now what?

We're going to take a detailed look by way of an example of one way you can use our statistical reports from your parent survey results to quickly get to grips with the wealth of information contained within them.

At the beginning of the statistical report you are presented with the "Expert Summary". This is a one page summary which quickly allows you to home in on areas of both strengths and weakness.

Results are grouped by survey areas such as Well-being, Relationships, Involvement etc. By scanning down the page and looking for either long red bars to the left, or long green bars to the right you can quickly identify those areas where parents agree or disagree the most. For the expert summary the green bar is defined as Strongly Disagree plus Agree responses.

In this example, we can see that 18% of parents disagree that communication is timely and useful. Why?

We would probably flick through to the summary reports:

Here we can check the responses in more detail - the number of respondents and also whether the level of "No Repsonses" or "No Opinions" is normal.

Next we would look to see if this was a common feeling amongst parents across all year groups:

Straight away from this view we can see that parents of pupils in Year 3 are much more likely to disagree that communication is timely & useful than parents in other year groups. 60% of of Year 3 parents agree, whilst 31% disagree. Disagreements of more than 25% are highlighted in red for you, whilst agreements over 75% are highlighted in green.

The variance columns to the right compare each year group to the average response for that question. Variances of more than 10% are highlighted as either red or green.

We can see that whilst the number of responses from Year 3 parents was lower than from Years 5 & 6 at 52, it is comparable to the 51 responses from Year 4.

Finally, alongside the variance report, we can go back to the summary report for just year 3 parents and look to see if this particular concern of theirs has impacted any of their other perceptions of the school.

And that's how easy it is. Of course there are many other ways of reviewing your data!

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