Support for Outstanding School Inspections

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As previously commented on, outstanding schools are exempt from routine inspection, but an article in todays TES indicates that many people, from the predictable to the less predictable, are anxious about this 'gap'.

Christine Gilbert (Ofsted's Chief Inspector) is reported as suggesting it is a cost cutting measure and desktop analysis or complaints from parents may not pick up a deterioration in performance quickly enough.

Russell Hobby (general secretary of heads' union the NAHT) is quoted as being "uncomfortable with no inspections for outstanding schools.are both anxious about the impact of this."

Even the executive principal of a pair of federated schools, Andrew Hutchinson, said "Not having Ofsted inspections leaves a gap if the school is never looked at from the outside, and that is a recipe for potential problems."
He has decided to bring in external experts. An external company providing these services even suggested that the standards of inspectors may start to slip if they never visit the best schools...

Not every school can stretch to the expense of bringing in a team of external experts, but a very affordable way of staying on top of any parent, pupil or staff concerns is by means of a survey.

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