Parents to trigger Inspection using Ofsted website to rate their school

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Ofsted has just published a consultation paper on its new proposals for inspecting schools from January 2012.

The TES, in a full page article, have quoted an Ofsted spokeswoman as saying "We are exploring the possibility of hosting a web-based survey on the Ofsted website, which we hope could generate high rates of response."

Ofsted "propose to gather parents’ views by inviting them to answer a range of questions about their children’s school via Ofsted’s website." (Page 16, para 42)

Ofsted also wish to be "confident that behaviour seen during the inspection is maintained at all times" so are proposing to take more account of the views of pupils and parents/carers in this respective. (Page 11, para 22)

How schools promote engagement of parents is proposed for consideration when Inspectors judge the effectiveness of leadership & management. (Page 14)

These proposals are a continuing extension of Ofsted's desire to include feedback from pupils and parents when inspecting a school.

If pupils or parents have concerns, or even axes to grind, much better that they share these in a controlled way which allows the school time to address their concerns. School surveys are a perfect way to do this.


Anonymous says
30 March 2011 at 11:19

This is a very good idea, sometimes I feel things are overlooked especially in my child's school and because it received an outstanding ofsted report a few years back I feel other things have been brushed under the carpet and real problems like special needs are not dealt with as efficiently as they should be.