New Ofsted Inspection Framework - 2012

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A new inspection framework is on its' way. What do we know so far?

27 judgement areas down to 4:

  • Pupil achievement
  • The quality of teaching
  • The quality of leadership and management
  • The behaviour and safety of pupils
Plus, there will be an overall effectiveness judgement.

You can read the Evaluation Schedule for Inspectors being used in the Summer 2011 pilots here.

To supplement their judgements, Inspectors are specifically asked to consider evidence from surveys of pupils, parents, staff or governors which either they or the school have undertaken.

Here's the relevant extracts from the guidance:

Teaching Quality

Inspectors should supplement first hand observations by:
"analysing evidence provided by the school about pupils’, parents’ and carers’ and staff views of teaching in addition to the outcomes of any questionnaires arranged as part of the inspection"

Behaviour and safety of pupils

"Inspectors must take into account a range of evidence to judge what behaviour is like over an extended period of time and should consider:"

"the views expressed by pupils, and different groups of pupils, on behaviour and safety, and their views on harassment, racism and bullying within the school, including cyber-bullying, homophobic and trans-gender bullying"


"the views of parents and carers, staff, governors and others"

So it's clear that in at least 2 key judgement areas, inspectors will be considering the views of those close to the school. The school can decide whether to rely on surveys completed as part of the inspection or put in a survey program in advance in order to prepare their evidence and take any corrective actions necessary.

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